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10 New Google Analytics Features You Need to Start Using. Google has announced that the old (and current) version of Google Analytics will be turned off in January 2012. offers a review of the top 10 new features of the improved Google Analytics.

The for-fun “battle of the Twitter hashtags” between Cincinnati and Charlotte (each city vying for Chiquita’s corporate headquarters) was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” program on the afternoon of Monday, October 17, 2011. You can listen to the podcast via the website. Chiquita’s hands-on CEO - namely Twitter ID: @FdoAguirreCEO - has been personally ‘enjoying’ and participating in the online bantering. #NoCincyBananaSplit

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Posts and shared URLs - with interesting and timely information - pertaining primarily to the themes of marketing, creativity, excellence, leadership and social media - can be found on Twitter at @JoanneMaly and on Google+ at   Tweets from Joanne Maly can also be found at the @positivelycinci Twitter account.

Steve Watkins, business reporter at the Cincinnati Business Courier, has written an excellent article reinforcing that Cincinnati, Ohio is indeed the Digital Marketing Hub - a center for innovation, creativity, digital marketing and business excellence. Cincinnati is host to the annual Digital Non Conference. The dates for the 2011 event are September 13 and 14, 2011. More information can be found at (posted by Joanne Maly, principal at Lincoln Maly Marketing, Cincinnati, Ohio.)

Joanne Maly (a.k.a., Joanne Lincoln Maly), is a marketing, corporate communications, and PR professional who founded Lincoln Maly Marketing in April 2008. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lincoln Maly Marketing offers strategic message-focused marketing, laser-focused corporate communications, meticulous project management, dynamic public relations, and targeted social media direction. Joanne is passionate about Cincinnati - especially its riverfront, downtown, and Over-the-Rhine areas. The company’s blog, Simply Said, focuses on excellence, creativity and leadership with an eye on marketing and communications.

Lincoln Maly Marketing has a company fan page on Facebook. Visit this site for regular updates and special posts on trends in social media, marketing, leadership, creativity and business excellence.

The purpose of the Lincoln Maly Marketing Simply Said blog is to celebrate excellence, creativity, inspiration, and leadership in business with an eye for compelling marketing and communications.

Lincoln Maly Marketing is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based marketing and corporate communications firm specializing in strategic marketing counsel, planning and execution; laser-focused corporate communications; dynamic social media networking; and ‘electric’ PR and media relations campaigns.

Founded by Joanne Maly (and a.k.a. Joanne Lincoln Maly), the firm has created a niche by thinking ‘exponentially’ - or, in other words - “if we put our creative minds to the task and add expertise, intelligence, skill, enthusiasm, positive thinking, and relentless determination - then, the results are limitless.”

Founded by Joanne Lincoln Maly (a.k.a. Joanne Maly) in 2008, Lincoln Maly Marketing offers services in

  • marketing
  • corporate communications and professional writing
  • media relations and PR
  • social media implementation

The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lincoln Maly Marketing blends extensive expertise, solid talent, a thirst for creativity, and long-standing relationships to achieve outstanding client results.

The company’s site can be viewed at

The company’s blog, Simply Said, can be viewed at

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Company founder and principal, Joanne Maly, is also involved in, and passionate about, Cincinnati, Ohio, especially its downtown, riverfront and Over-the-Rhine areas.